Community garden planned for Waterlea green thumbs

We’re planning a community garden and would love to hear from residents interested in getting involved.

There’s nothing like the sense of satisfaction that comes from enjoying the fruits of your own labour – or maybe in this case, the vegetables!

So we are very pleased to announce our plans for a Waterlea Community Garden and ask for expressions of interest from residents.

Community gardens offer something for everyone. Not only are they an innovative way to grow your own food and stay healthy, they are also great for meeting new people, saving money and living more sustainably.

The Waterlea Community Garden will be divided into communal growing areas with shared produce, and dedicated plots for individuals.

There will be many ways to get involved depending on your level of interest, availability and gardening experience, such as becoming a plot holder, casual worker, garden member or supplier.

Community gardens were commonplace in Australia in the early 1900s, partly as a response to war and food shortages, and date back much further in other parts of the world.

They have made a strong comeback in recent years, bringing communities together through a common passion and providing opportunities to learn new skills and introduce new generations to the simple pleasure of gardening.

Besides this enriching experience, the Waterlea Community Garden will also be another one of the many sustainability features that are present in our community.

Keep an eye out for an expression of interest form and tell us if you would like to be part of the community garden experience!