Couple ditch Springfield for $350 million rural lifestyle

23rd March 2017 – Anna Hartley | The Queensland Times

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Couple ditch Springfield
Sales consultant Rachel Hargreaves (left) of Oliver Hume Waterlea at Wallon with new land owner Rebecca Mallett. – David Nielsen

A MASTERPLANNED $350 million residential community has attracted a young couple who plan to make the tree change from Springfield to Walloon.

With stage one sold out, Rebecca Mallett and her husband bought 641sqm at Waterlea Walloon for $175,000 as part of the stage two land release.

The development will house 4500 people in 13 different village neighbourhoods and will include a 2km cycle and hiking trail, parks and a retail space with an organic grocer, coffee shop and a licensed venue.

The couple plan to build their house, complete with a pool, by the beginning of next year.

“We are looking to kick off building in late July or August,” she said.

“We live in Springfield Lakes at the moment but my husband now works at Gatton and it’s a half way point for the commute.

“It’s still on the train line so that was the appeal for us because I commute to Brisbane city every day.

“The secondary reason we looked out there was because the land size was really appealing

“To purchase a block the same size would be double the price here in Springfield.”

Ms Mallet encouraged other couples not to be afraid to build in more rural areas, although moving from the city might be daunting at first.

“We’re building the house, pool and land all for under $450,000,” she said.

“Don’t be scared to move away. The infrastructure in built up areas does come as the population grows.

“When we first moved to Springfield we didn’t have the train, roads or Orion.

“Take the leap and enjoy the lifestyle without the stress of a three quarter of a million dollar mortgage.”