On your marks for holiday fun

Stretch out and make new friends these holidays


Free fitness classes for kids of all ages and abilities have begun at Waterlea and all families are invited.

Get along to our Fit Fun for Kids sessions every Monday during the holidays at Captain John Rea Park from 8am to 9am.

Perfect for getting active and enjoying the outdoors, children will enjoy a mixture of ball games, traditional running games, and simple circuits to improve balance and agility.

Please register for the sessions on Waterlea’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/waterlea.

And for anyone thinking of burning off a few too many helpings of Christmas pudding over the break, our fitness instructor Kellee Ives has a few simple tips:

Start with just one thing: Although a varied program is ideal for maintaining interest, keeping any program simple to begin with. It can be as straightforward as a 30-minute walk several times a week to establish a routine.

Consistency is key: A workout of moderate intensity performed consistently trumps an intense workout that is not sustainable and may burn you out after a few weeks.

Use what you’ve got: Anything can be done in a set of 10, including calf raises on the footpath kerb. A good way to finish off a walk, it’ll make sure your muscles get a great workout.

Exercise on the go: Try incorporating some simple bodyweight exercises into your daily routine – you could break into a set of squats while holding the kitchen table for balance as the kettle boils, for instance.

Accept the setbacks: Recognise that the older you get, the more time your body will take to recover. Be patient but be persistent and you will move forward.