Builder Referral Program

Waterlea Builders’ Referral Program

The Waterlea Builders’ Referral Program (Referral Program) allows licensed builders (Referrer) to refer to Waterlea (the Promoter) people who may potentially purchase land from the Promoter at its Waterlea estate (Referred Buyer).

As part of our Referral Program, we are pleased to offer the Referrer the following on all stock at Waterlea until the 30 June 2021:

  1. $1,000 per referral
  2. Offer applicable on all stock.
  3. Referral payment is subject to contract settlement and payment is within 30 days of settlement date.

To qualify for the Referral fee:

  • The Referred Buyer must be someone who has not previously enquired with the Promoter or our selling agents.
  • The Referrer must submit to the Promoter via the form below, details of the Referred Buyer prior to the Referred Buyer initially visiting the project or inspecting the land.
  • The Referred Buyer must see through the land contract obligations to settlement.
  • This offer applies to all stock at Waterlea up to 30/6/2021. Any Buyer referred will be looked after by our selling agents, and this referral arrangement does not involve the Referrer acting as a selling agent for us. Payments of referral fees will be made to you by Cash Gift Card on completion of the contract of sale (settlement) within 30 days of settlement.

** Full Terms and Conditions Apply.

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